The photosonic 4ER+

...was born during the cold war for military tests.

The Photosonic 4ER+

Our lady was reborn in 2004 at CineMagic.

It is a brand new camera modified to fit new technological needs:

  • Every bearing in the camera and movement has been changed to bearings with higher speed and Apec ratings. It runs up to 425fps.
  • The viewing system is new and unique (Swing-Over). It's bright and flexible.
  • The PAL color video is new and by far surpasses what Photo-Sonics normally offers. It has a bright, shuttered video with a superb Playback System.
  • Above all it has a S35 PL lens mount, which allows the usage of modern hi performance lenses.

Based in Budapest we would cater the central and the growing eastern European Markets. Budapest was chosen for its strategic location and its relative proximity and accessibility to Milan, Wien, Moscow, Warsaw and Kiev.

The camera is maintained by proficient Hungarian technicians, trained to operate the camera anywhere at any time.

Anyone who has used our camera says it is superior to the original. It is hard to argue - they are the fastest, and are designed to be cinematographer friendly, not military like.